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Learn web technologies with a task from a live project. You could be helping build the search experience for a platform helping patients find blood donors.

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Active Projects

We partner with startups and non-profits working on cutting-edge products and making real impact.

Seva Kitchen was started by Mr. Khushroo Poacha to serve fresh food to the needy. Seva Kitchen is running multiple initiatives each of which are seeing active contribution from people. We will be working with Seva Kitchen on re-architecting their website to more accurately reflect the philosophy of Seva Kitchen and to encourage users to take action and contribute.

Learning outcomes: React.JS, JavaScript, SASS, HTML5 and fundamentals of web design. Perfect project if you are just starting out with web development.


Here's what a few people have got to say about

Proso gives a platform to work on real time projects to anyone who wants to learn coding or needs hands-on experience in a new language. I worked in HTML, CSS, node js with express framework here and I had zero knowledge about node js when I started. Shivam and Saumitra have always been helpful and helped a beginner like me in all steps including even installing softwares or setting up the project and debugging etc. Although I had to discontinue after some time due to personal commitment, after the boot camp I feel much more confident, learnt the basic of node js and plan to start again soon.
I recommend this site to anyone who wish to work on real time projects with proper guidance instead of just learning theories.

Debarati Banerjee

It was a very unique experience working in the Proso Bootcamp as different people came together with their skillsets to work on the same project. There was no alottment of tasks to each person,it was purely based on motivation and interests of each person. Not only did I gain more insight into Node.js and Express as I worked on the Backend, but also understood project management too, to some extent, working with tools like Trello and Slack. Proso definitely made me aware of what's going in the industry.

Shreyansh Shekhar

Proso helped me to advance my skills horizontally, Since I work as a mobile developer I had very limited time to learn other technologies. Proso made me choose my own tech stack and work on assignments which is going to use solve real world problems. This gave me motivation to spend some time to learn and solve real world problems. They took care of all the research and Project management. So that I was able to completely focus on learning.

Harish Kumar